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A probiotic is a term used to describe a substance that results in an increase of “friendly” or “good” bacteria in the digestive system. Acidophilus is a form of probiotic bacteria. Probiotics play positive role in promoting digestive health. It helps support immune system function. Solgar’s probiotic products are usually combinations that include Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis. These two strains are found to dominate in different areas of the digestive tract and tolerate different conditions, but both are very important for its health and function.

Such intestinal bacteria are easily destroyed by antibiotics and certain types of medication so supplementation allows us the opportunity to maintain good levels of ‘friendly’ bacteria and, therefore, good health. Probiotics can be taken during and after antibiotic treatment to aid recovery. Because supplementation will be required for different reasons and by different age groups, Solgar has a range to suit all ages and a variety of uses. Probiotics and active bacteria culture may improve lactose intolerance. The bacterial strain commonly used in yogurt can produce lactase enzymes. Therefore, people with lactose intolerance and children suffering from intestinal infection can usually tolerate yogurt with an active culture. Probiotics may improve nutrient bioavailability, for B vitamins, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium and phosphorus, among others. Solgar supplies several different probiotic supplement products such as Solgar ABC Dophilus Powder 50 Gram, Solgar Advanced Acidophilus Vegicaps 50 Capsules and Solgar Advanced Multibillion Dophilus Vegicaps 120 Capsules.